Reviews for "Blockslide 2"

boring as hell

pretty fun on the 1st 2 levels but after a very short while it gets pretty boring.scratch that it gets mad boring


very good game, but as has already been said guy was hard to control. maybe it should have been more of a square shaped map than a diamond and set controls to that. also, maybe a control system that's harder to mix up pushing a block and BLOWING IT UP. Elsewise; awesome, addicting, and time consuming.


Nice concept. A bit too hard to control.


I personally found this game to be a tad bit fusterating. It's diffifcult to move the guy around and sometimes he will push boxes I didn't want him to push. I did enjoy it for a good 30 minutes though, so it is very entertaining. I just think you may need to work out how the guy moves better.

Also, perhaps you could make a save button so that when you unlock levels to a certain one, you can go back into the game and just start from that level.

Other than those couple of things, this game is quite entertaining. I really did enjoy playing it.


moving him sucks and hes slow as hell