Reviews for "Blockslide 2"

smooth as hot-buttered silk

Well, that is one slick piece of work you've created. Congrats.

Very Challenging!

I like it, very much actually. I only have a few issues to point out though. One is that the explosions tend to make it lag a bit. Second, there are at some points a glitch that after an explosion, I can't go across. It's like the box still remained their buy only occured twice and I was able to continue by reseting the level. Also, hope you work out the use of the mouse to click to the next level. It tends to be a hassle to switch from keyboard to mouse every now and then. Lastly, another explosion issue, this time regarding crossing during the explosion itself, or rather the inability to do so. It's a bit of a bummer to wait for the explosion to finish before I can cross it, especially in the later levels where it really tends to be laggy..

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

the enter button works for next level, read what i wrote about hot keys.

switch the quality to low to speed up the explosions

Great game!

I remember testing this a long while back! Great game!

I love how you've done the 3D and isometric game play, I also like how challenging some of the puzzles are :)!

Keep it up guys :D!