Reviews for "Blockslide 2"


Not that great for me, just good graphics.

great challenge.

surprized at some of the poor reviews for this. It is such a good challenge. The only negative is the fact that moving around the screen is a bit sluggish.
keep it up!


nice attempt

good, solid puzzler

Well this is a great successor to the original Blockslide, with the same addictive gameplay and snazzy new visuals. The graphics are much improved, with a different isometric style view to proceedings. Whilst this makes the game look fantastic, the controls get kind of iffy when trying to control your character through the grid between blocks etc.

Very hard in later levels, this is a real thinking game. Luckily the tutorials in the earlier levels ease you into the games various different aspects, with the different style blocks and what actions you can perform. The music in this game is perfect for the strange style the game has been presented in, with a knight trying to collect gems.

Well worth a try, and with so many levels, will have you coming back again and again to finish them all.

Good, but...

All in all a very well made Game, but: The Persective is kinda strange, thus making it a bit tricky to guide your little man through the 3d world (like going inbetween two cubes and figuring out the right direction to go with the arrow keys is a real challenge o.O)