Reviews for "Blockslide 2"

What title screen?

Where do you type Flamingo on the title screen?

Not good enough

There are so many good games around. Dont waste your time with this. The camera angle doesnt work for this sort of game. Better to look for a well made game and waste time on that instead.

Do not play

Good game but not without flaws

This game is hard to play because it's so hard to visually see where the switch or glove is. This game would be so much better if it was top-down , rather than isometric.

It would help improve visuals alot.

I get that they want it to look 3D , but 2D top-down would have been better.


disapointed indeed

Needs Improvment!

It is fun to play for a little while, but everything is too much the same and the music is horrible... and when i got to level 11 the "death blocks" were not working right i had 4 in an L shape and it only took the corner of the L the last one was left and i could not continue because i needed 3 bombs and only got 2...