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Reviews for "Mindfuck."

This is beautiful...

I see where you are aiming... this completely symbolizes our struggles in life with both love and hate, and teaches us that we are all just human.
Thank you, you have given so much to this world, but what have we given you?

LOLZILLA responds:

Thank you. And yes, what have you given me?

wery lol

bad animations, but a great idea behind it. teh lol.respesth

LOLZILLA responds:

Wurst Animation Ever. Get it! Haha!

I saw it.

But I didn't shit bricks.

LOLZILLA responds:

I touch bricks.


I shit apples with herpes.Is that healthy?

LOLZILLA responds:



Oh, you totally fucked up my mind! Congrats on that...