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Reviews for "777 - Part 5"


You did it. You really brought it out. The movie hasn't loaded yet but i gave it a 5 cuz i knew it would be good.

-after watching-

yep...that was awsome. I love the ship. I wish i could tell you why. but it would give away a clue to MY flash production. so saddly i can't tell you why. keep em coming. OFF TO PART 6 I GO


The bandage thing was blatant fanservice. ah well i'll deal with it. The severed head trick was cool so was the airship. I like this series man


I did not see the (SPOILAR) decapitated lady coming back. Without her head reattached. She just plopped it on! O.o


666?a lesbian?? i mean come on...really dude....

Wow... Nice Body XD

That kinda explains alot towards episode 6 yet this is more like an intermission from the main character's so called "death". Well, keep up the good work and hope we get to see more of this in the future. 10 out of 10. That spikey hair dude looks cool.