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Reviews for "777 - Part 5"

sexy twist

woo is the red chick a lesbian? does the doctor have a crush on peach? did i see slight nipple from those bandages?(yes)


it's kinda cool but too shabby


its cool i folow the serie but i have somthing to tell can ya could slow the talking i dont have time to read (why you dont get her nake that will be good ;D

Kinda strange, don't you think?

Uhm...bandages but the wound itself was completely healed and there's no need for bandages anymore? You could have just get her the bloody suit back. That thing with Daisy (I guess that's the brunette girl, since Peach is Princess Peach, it makes sense) putting on her head back was freaky. How was she able to talk before, why hasn't she already put it back and if she's a cyborg, why is she bleeding and has still human bones? Btw, you use too much F-Zero GX music. I'm sure you can find other tracks that fit the situation as well. Anyway, I'm expecting better things from the next sequel, don't disappoint me.


Yeah the only reason I even would consider watching the next one is to see if you included the top of her Nip again... as for the decapatonotron woman of invincibility, Who the hell... what the hell... She was missing a head and A BLADE IN HER CHEST, a couple in the lungs, and blamo, she has no bandages, I LOVE ZOMBIES, But I would have to rate it like a slow stupid zombie, that... oh no, here they come.... pause.... and they are still coming.... Pause.... They are going to get us.... Pause... ***SMOKING a Cigarette***....oh no they are almost upon us....Maybe we should all play a game of pong. bloop bloop, Chomp. okay slow moving piece of crap zombie is finally eating me. And deffinatly not like the Sprinting zombie you find in Dawn of the dead! OMG it's a Zombie, Ruuuu,,,,, CHOMP! With all you Flash skills, you might want to add some Pirates with lazer cannons saying ARGH! BLAM!