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Reviews for "777 - Part 5"

Mmmm, halfnaked..

Still, gotta focus on the flash quality here. ;)

The storyline just seems better without the whole Mushroom Kingdom thing attached to it, although the dialogue that 666 and the professor had made me doubt about how evil they actually were. 666 saying "if you want to talk, I'm here" as if she wants to be a good friend to the professor is not something the dark side usually does. Intruiging...

Overal visual quality and the music/sounds is good as always.


Ok, well 777 is pretteh hawt, you've done a good job of drawing her.. but..
MUSHROOM KINGDOM DUDE WTF...you need a better plot.. Im going to give u a 6 since the setting/chick's background is so bad. But apart from that, it was pretty good.


she was wearing a lil bit too much =D very nice going


Shouldve removed the badnage >.>


The bandage thing was blatant fanservice. ah well i'll deal with it. The severed head trick was cool so was the airship. I like this series man