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Reviews for "777 - Part 5"


that was great. when i first saw the title '777', i got very excitied, i remember the other 4 episodes and i had always wondered what had happened to this series, and i am very happy to see it return. i really enjoyed this 5th part, a very nice addition to the series and a great continuation of the story. Very very good indeed and well deserving of an award.


cant whate to hear some voises

Wow... Nice Body XD

That kinda explains alot towards episode 6 yet this is more like an intermission from the main character's so called "death". Well, keep up the good work and hope we get to see more of this in the future. 10 out of 10. That spikey hair dude looks cool.


666?a lesbian?? i mean come on...really dude....

Good Movie, but...

This one was good, especial with that one chick, 666, coming back, that is one Freaky Girl. The thing that i didnt get was that, she was givin a second chance, then how come she appeared with the bad guys? Thats the thing that i didnt get, but other than that, it was cool.