Reviews for "Tranquil Girl"

Wow, really nice face. I love it.

wow so pretty and calm O_O
(though i thought that your art will always contain a messy hair style XD)

Great work! Continue making art like this.

Your art is really starting to grow on me, like you're probably one of my favorite artists on Newgrounds at this point. No joke, this is a beautiful pin up one of my favorite ones from you so far, I really love the great picture quality and how neat the shading is, it doesn't even look like marker at first glance to me, it looks more like water color. I'd really like to know how you colored with marker like this? like do you mix colors or do you have like 80 different prisma colors that have like multiple shades of just one color? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I don't do traditional art that often and I'm really curious, you're really good with traditional art.

Dig'n your style. :)