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Reviews for "Waterlollies"

best brackenwood yet!

my only complaint is that i'd like to have seen more from the creatures from previous stories. otherwise, it was great to see our arrogant hero in a situation he couldn't run away from!


i lost my game save file with everything unlocked ='( teh cry

oh well time to do it again
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

well excuse me for being sentimental

this was beutiful anyone reading my reviews knows that it is a rare ocasion i am seriouse but i myself am an artist and the buety while still meaning fullness of the flash toched me an an emotional level

excelant work you desurve this award its obvios you put alot of work and time into this and i really shows

please enjoy the win


After watching "Waterlollies," yet again, I'd like to revoke my statement about your storytelling needing work. I was being much too harsh. You deserved a rating closer to 11/10, rather than an 8/10. Your animation is incredible and appears to be the quality of the cartoons and animations that appear on television (probably better, actually), and the story draws people in very well, despite having no words.

I believe that you most definitely deserve the first NG Tank Award, and have drawn me into a series that I was previously not too into. You are an amazing and very inspiring animator, and I hope that someday I can learn to be even half the animator and storyteller that you are.

You are a phenominal artist, and I will continue to look out for your work and will make sure to add you as a favourite artist, as you most definitely deserve it.

PS: Sorry for the giant wall of text, and if you intend to reply, please just send a message to C-Un1t, as I was just going to message you this but you have them blocked, and I couldn't think of any other way to contact you at the moment.


WTH??? IT IS SO....

AWESOME!!! man wish i could be just like you!! Effects and movements was neatly and smoothley done!! and BTW, dont mind Carlton-Bank, he's is obviously a stucked-up, dumbass, useless, jerkish, annoying piece of... well, you get the point.

Keep it up!!