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Reviews for "Waterlollies"

I wish I could give this an Oscar instead of giving Lady Gaga a role in a movie,what have we become :(

Back in 2007 still amazing to watch today.

Obviously still amazing, and having it in video form here and elsewhere is nice, but the original SWF won't play. Even embedded in this page, it says it'll "only play at newgrounds.com" or your website. The actionscript doesn't check for http instead of https, does it?

chluaid responds:

Back in the day, because NG sponsored some of my movies, I site-locked the SWFs to prevent them being stolen and submitted to sites like ebaumsworld and flashportal. Unfortunately over the years as domains moved around and Flash changed and was phased out, all those site-locked swfs just stopped working. The original source files are long gone (or if I'm lucky, somewhere on an old hard drive deep in storage) so we just have video now. Thank fk for Swivel huh


Lots of smear frames