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Reviews for "czer323 - Asian Fight Scene"

What the heck is Clarity?

I really like this. If you tooks out those drums in the begining, and took out the asian-sounding strings tward the middle, I would definately use it in my flash.


i love hoe you have to keep it repeating to get the drums and other shit.

Excellent, but....

It's not really a fight scene kinda song, it seems way too slow... It would be extremely good for some kind of trailer, or maybe an intro, since it has a very nice feel of mystery to it... You should do some more with those japanese drums...


I'm guessing it's a slow-mo fight scene with random stalls just before each major blow at each other? This piece makes me think of it like that.


ok, it could be a lot better. right now it doesnt seems like you didnt end the song. im thinkin i like the begining. you should make it much longer. and it should speed up way more, and the drop back down some, and speed up again, ya know? maybe you could do something with a gong. right now it seems like the intro to a fight scene, or the intro to a cool movie, but its not the fight scene itself.