Reviews for "Dreams (Modern 8bit)"


This is good keep up the good work!

Great stuff mate!

First I've heard of your music and I'm really enjoying it. I listened to this song once and it crept back into my head 2 days later and I had to download it. I'm glad I did. Haven't had a chance to explore your other music yet but I plan to.

By "modern 8-bit" does that mean you are composing in a modern DAW or are you still tracking manually and mixing/mastering in a DAW? If you are primarily using a DAW/Midi to compose, which do you use? If you are tracking, are you doing it manually (MML etc) or using a visual tracker?

Great chip music mate. Do you compose other music? Has your music made it into any games yet? Hope all is well!

Bunnymajs responds:

First of, thank you ser :)
I call my 8bit "modern" cuse of the use of it, more dance and more of a modern clean feel to it i guess, doesnt really belong to the classic chiptune genre id say.
But i compose it in FL-studio with 8bit plugins that are free of charge to download :)
And i do tend to make other kind of music, such as classic, ochestral and techno like stuff. tho i dont think i have much of it out on the internets :)
As for games, ive made it for about 3 sponsored games in wich i got payed for, the rest of them id say about 20, they just kinda borrowed it for some smaller games :)


Quite original, now I understand why (modern 8bit) is labeled on it... oh wait... you already explained that below... well, it's a win!


wow...i just found your stuff...

this is like....It REALLY reminds me of CAPSULE's stuff- I think it's just as good- If you put like a regular drum beat to it instead of the 8bit and I heard this I probably would think it was capsule

you can do some amazing stuff

nice. again

still nothing more to say :P