Reviews for "Dreams (Modern 8bit)"


Nice, dreamy, dancey.


wow...i just found your stuff...

this is like....It REALLY reminds me of CAPSULE's stuff- I think it's just as good- If you put like a regular drum beat to it instead of the 8bit and I heard this I probably would think it was capsule

you can do some amazing stuff


Quite original, now I understand why (modern 8bit) is labeled on it... oh wait... you already explained that below... well, it's a win!


Theres something about 8 bit to me that touches the young soul in me. I love it, the ambiance... the feel... Its great to say the least! Keep up with the chiptunes man! Their definitely your highlights!


Great stuff mate!

First I've heard of your music and I'm really enjoying it. I listened to this song once and it crept back into my head 2 days later and I had to download it. I'm glad I did. Haven't had a chance to explore your other music yet but I plan to.

By "modern 8-bit" does that mean you are composing in a modern DAW or are you still tracking manually and mixing/mastering in a DAW? If you are primarily using a DAW/Midi to compose, which do you use? If you are tracking, are you doing it manually (MML etc) or using a visual tracker?

Great chip music mate. Do you compose other music? Has your music made it into any games yet? Hope all is well!

Bunnymajs responds:

First of, thank you ser :)
I call my 8bit "modern" cuse of the use of it, more dance and more of a modern clean feel to it i guess, doesnt really belong to the classic chiptune genre id say.
But i compose it in FL-studio with 8bit plugins that are free of charge to download :)
And i do tend to make other kind of music, such as classic, ochestral and techno like stuff. tho i dont think i have much of it out on the internets :)
As for games, ive made it for about 3 sponsored games in wich i got payed for, the rest of them id say about 20, they just kinda borrowed it for some smaller games :)