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Reviews for "-Nightmare"

A Fitting Title

I like how it begins with a slow nice sound, that quickly becomes a slight adventurous, then to a darker sound of uncertainty that in my opinion just appeals very well. Especially with change in the pace overall, its a well named piece.

Your got a great song with a great name - SteelLancer09

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks for the great feedback, SteelLancer09! I'd say that's a pretty fair assessment.


completely original, but to be honest the description was the true piece of art, have you ever considered philosophy?

ChronoNomad responds:

The fields of Philosophy and Psychology happen to be my specialties, actually. Fear is not something that needs to be escaped or locked away deep inside, but instead it should be faced and stared down. Nightmares are the embodiment of fear within the human psyche via the essential need of sleep. If the fear can itself be conquered, so too can the terrors that we manifest within our dreams.

Thank you very much for the insightful review. The 10 is pretty awesome, too! :)


This is so totally my jam from now on!

(And no, this account name wasn't made for you) :P

ChronoNomad responds:

It wasn't? Aw, now I'm all depressed. Guess I'll turn emo and think about death and stuff. :P

Thanks for reviewing, and enjoy the irony! ;)

Totally Awesome. full stop

The sheer weighty pulse of this piece is so gut-wrenchingly cool that i cann ot help downloading it. Also, 100th vote, and it was a 5!

ChronoNomad responds:

Congratulations on being the 100th voter! You win--A FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE SONG! XD

Thanks for the great review! Also for using the terms pulse and gut-wrenching...just because.

It's just...

amazing what do i say more than that it's amazing

ChronoNomad responds: