Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Cynic vs HeIsAlive"


Cynic took it like it was nothing.

weeelll cynic toasted him

I hate the tune but cynic worked it to his advantage and he is alive went up in flames

Gloine V1 - Nice opener, stop hitting me up, punch concrete was filler but had some awesome imagery, fucking with that -> bunnies in hats was filler too but fairly creative, under my wing is a nice finisher.

Blest V1 - Big words but not a lot of punches and even then the punches were filler. If you want to get techy about rap, use multis, not big words. Greek mythology was the only thing that was specific and it wasn't even a personal. Delivery was quite dry.

Gloine V2 - Recycling the same big words BECAUSE THERE IS NO RHETORIC is a knockout punch, yelling is a nice hit, illmortal+Boss reference personal but again not a punch.

Blest V2 - Stay on topic, please? Admitting you recycled your material is okay if you have a follow-up, but for shit's sake don't just leave it hanging there, otherwise it's like you're conceding. Collaborated with me is a personal but not a knockout, diction is almost snobbish on that last line too.

cynic? no, apathetic.

I'd do my regular diss maths review but there's no point here.
There was like 4 or 5 disses total from this whole battle. I think heisalive was right at the end saying this was a collab because it sure as hell wasn't a battle.
Cynic will win this no question just because of general betterness but this wasn't a fun battle, guys.