Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Cynic vs HeIsAlive"


I could go in depth as to why Cynic advances, but its not worth it. Hels shit feels disconnected to the battle, unfortunately.


Im going with HelsAlive...

This battle seemed more like a collab..Most of this was" I do this and I do that"...HellsAlive had more directness it seemed..I also laughed when he mentioned the collab part at the end; thats what I was thinking almost the whole time.

Great collab nonetheless!

hands down

cynic... all day, everyday

Not that my vote counts

but HelsAlive's backpack must be pretty heavy, carrying all those books. I can see how less literate people might have trouble understanding what he's talking about.

Hmm...enjoyed both sides...

But I give this to Cynic. Sorry HelsAlive. I love your style and rap, but there's a difference between cleverly confusing your competition with higher-level vocabulary and making yourself look like an idiot without rhythm. Your previous battle was amazing, but this was a miss for you. Good going Cynic. Smooth lyrics and quirky stabs. Good luck in round 3.