Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Cynic vs HeIsAlive"


Gonna have to go with Cynic. His verses were harder hitting, with a smoother flow.

Another good battle though, well done guys.

(once again, sorry for the lack of detail in this review. Dudes know what they're doing, and I'm too lazy.)

Cynic to move on.

Cynic set the tone for the remainder of this battle. Great use of syncopation.
HelsAlive seemed like his words were forced. Square pegs in round holes.
Just couldn't feel it.

The Cynic

This was the closest so far. This was like a nice collabo and good creativity on both ends. But cynic moves on. Cynic's second verse was niiiice!


I should have just used words like, bitch and faggot, rather then the ones I did lol. No one has a fucking clue what I even said, lol... very funny.

Great job Gloine.

Not that my vote counts

but HelsAlive's backpack must be pretty heavy, carrying all those books. I can see how less literate people might have trouble understanding what he's talking about.