Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Cynic vs HeIsAlive"


I think they both did really good. It was a nice battle.
I just felt Cynic's flow better. I'm with Cynic on this one.

Props to both of you.


I should have just used words like, bitch and faggot, rather then the ones I did lol. No one has a fucking clue what I even said, lol... very funny.

Great job Gloine.

The Cynic

This was the closest so far. This was like a nice collabo and good creativity on both ends. But cynic moves on. Cynic's second verse was niiiice!


I Love His Flow.
HelsAlive's voice didn't sound like he is rapping.
Sounds Like He Is Simply Talking something.
Music isn't say a word.
Music is a language.
Music is a way to express something or someone.


Cynic, He came at it as a battle i love his flow and his lines were more then anything tell this guy to fuck off. HelsAlive you got to think of a new flow with a new beat cause it about the same as the last battle and it kinda hard to listen to. you had some nice lines but again was not as strong as Cynic. Get stronger Dude.

Both MC did good, Cynic Easy