Reviews for "Avatar Boredom Dub 6"

Pissed my pants!

Funny crap right there man, and I can't belive you brang up that CDi piece of work.
Crazy story about CDi and why they have the rights to Nintendo characters...
You see, Sony and Nintendo where both working together on the first cd-playable game. Once Sony and Nintendo finished up, Sony flipped the bird, and ran off with the "Playstation" and left Nintendo in the dust with half the info they needed to make there own...
Out of the blue, the baked turd (Cdi) comes out like, we know how to program video game software on to discs. So Nintendo is like, really, will yeah show me how? Then CDi is all up in like, only if yeah give us the rights to some Nintendo characters! Nintendo had to agree to that...but did'nt know of the crap hailstorm that was about to hit! After trying to convince CDi to work on the discs, Nintendo finally broke through after three crappy overly priced Zelda game, and one dried up turd Mario game. After the wake of those four horrible CDi games passed on, Nintendo was completely outraged, and shutdown th whole process with CDi...

But don't worry, Nintendo got it right with the Nintendo GameCube...
So theres the story of CDi if no one understood the joke in this flash...
Anywho, awesome flash Toma! Keep on bringing the funnies,


ROFL Toph!!!

I can't WAIT to go bomb some DoDONGOs...


"What do we do?!"
"Just ignore them."

Love it.

I do not know wtf happened in this actual episode.

But I laughed so hard at this regardless.


hehe, someone has been smokin a bit much weed