Reviews for "Avatar Boredom Dub 6"

Can't.... stop..... watching.....!!!!!

Your dubs are the best stuff on the internet, I swear to God! I love every single one of them. I thought the original episode was funny, but this is fucking hilarious!!! Your voice acting is MIND-BLOWING BRILLIANCE, man! My favourite part of this one was the last line "but they're Japanese!" It's already hilarious as a punchline, but they way you delivered it just made the line 10000000% more epic! I love your work. Please continue

Jesus christ hilarous!

HAd everything in it! Video game console wars and talking animals! Wow!

I luvez avatar

Nice man,love your shows.

I missed this episode on the original series

Why were appa and mom talking on the original episode?


This is Avatar the last Airbender Numbnuts!