Reviews for "Avatar Boredom Dub 6"

Lol yeah that was pretty funny.

Cant give you a 10 cos its only a dub but the voiceacting was an 8 on its own. good lip synching. that kids voice was awesome. and i cracked up at the end when he said But der japaneese cos it sounded wheezey and awesome <3. All my 8 r belong to you.

Microsoft Domination!

Yeah, xbox 360 is the leader in best games, and best media. The only reason HD won over Bluray is because Sony pleaded for everyone to switch because they would have gone out of business.
And to this day Xbox 360 is still at the top of the market, with the Nintendo Wii in second, and thats hardly even it's own console, all the Playstation 3 is about is appearance, and although many of their games are very 'nice' looking, I can't even stand the controller long enough to get past the shitty game play XD

Oh and your movie was good too...


The next EXCITING episode of Avatar BOREDOM Dub??


that is so funny, and really good dubbing, i want moar!