Reviews for "Final Bowser SMW2 (GaMetal)"


You are one of the BEST (If not THE BEST) Musicians I have ever heard on here!!!!!

TheJonnyDeath responds:

Woo! :)

Oh... My... Goodness.

I can't believe that you turned one of the most epic SNES boss themes even MORE epic. What's more, is you hit every note perfectly, so it's also nostalgic. I could TOTALLY see fighting Giga Bowser with this going off on a Wii game or something... Amazing job here, Mr. JD

just shut him up yoshi

a big baby is going to kill us all, quikly, throw it with an egg..

I wasn't planning on leaving a comment here, but DAMN this is awesome! One of the best Mario remixes in a while! Love it 5 Stars!

omg this is cool