Reviews for "Final Bowser SMW2 (GaMetal)"

You are the BEST

Oh man i wish i could make usic like this...


the best i've heard

Oh... My... Goodness.

I can't believe that you turned one of the most epic SNES boss themes even MORE epic. What's more, is you hit every note perfectly, so it's also nostalgic. I could TOTALLY see fighting Giga Bowser with this going off on a Wii game or something... Amazing job here, Mr. JD


You know, I may just play this game on an emulator, record me fighting bowser, and then add this music over the other one. That would be pretty cool.

10 out of f*cking 10!!

Omg, Insta-Download!! I was listening all casual, then as soon as 0:40 seconds hit. My head was banging! This makes me wanna find my SMW2 and beat bowser to this version of the song! Total epicness!