Reviews for "Final Bowser SMW2 (GaMetal)"

Finally, the remix I've been wanting.

This has always been my all time favorite Mario song through out every game. I'm glad I've finally found a remix that brings out the epicness the original brought out. Keep up the great work, definitely watching out for your releases after hearing this.

never been better

you heard me...... never been better

Killer remix!

Ever thought of making this a custom song for one of the Guitar Hero games? This piece has the potential to being one hell of a beast in expert mode. Not quite as hard as "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce, but a real finger and thumb splitter none the less.

I've heard this tune elsewhere...

The basic guitar tune in this song sounds just like one of the songs in Rock 'n' Roll racing, an awesome as hell game!


i might use this can i?