Reviews for "Final Bowser SMW2 (GaMetal)"

Ah, TheJohnnyDeath, it's you, nailing yet another piece of music! I've already downloaded most of your music and this will be no exception.

This is what I call good metal!

Damn God, man!!!... If I always loved this track since my childhood, you made me love it more!!... This is just what I wanted to hear a lot of years ago.

This song fits perfectly into a metal arrangement, and I must say, RESPECT!
You have a very good ear for turning Nintendo music into very good metal!

I' would like very much to make Nintendo music besides you. I had the idea a lot of time ago to make metal arrangements for Nintendo music, but I do not play the guitar, just piano and keyboards, and you really rocked my ears with this.

Very good job, friend GaMetal. I like your style very much,





most bad ass tune of all mario games

I played smw2 and i really have to say, you hardly hear any songs that are really bad-ass in mario games, but this gametal version sounds like the creators of the original must have imagened this when writing this song, they just couldn't make it like this because the musical limitations on the snes were pretty big since they couldn't just put this quality of music in a snes game. And I think the writers really wanted to make it so bad-ass but had to restrain it a bit because it was in a mario game after all.