Reviews for "Sardonix"

Amazing colouring and perspective! :)


Isnt that from steven universe
well it looks great ;)

hmmm, i dont know who this character is, but she looks rather charming!
(despite the 4-eyes/hands and the slightly big nose.)
she's very cute, she has a nice face/smile, and a really good body!

also, i like her outfit, she wears cool tights, a strange tunic-vest with padding on the shoulders and a bow-tie, cool gloves+forearm half-gloves, and some half-gloves on her other hands as well!

why does she have a crystal on her forehead?
either way, she looks cute, cool and likeable, so thats nice.
good drawing, nice use of pose/gestures, and a great work overall.

keep it up!

DoopieDoodles responds:

She's a character from Steven Universe. Her name is Sardonix! Thank you so much for your kind review!

Excellent lineart and colouring. Also, she's cute!

Slick and imaginative character portrait with a punchy pose! Nice work.