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Reviews for "Click Maze"

excellent but..

it's real buggy. even if you aren't clicking, if the mouse leaves the screen, you "die." i thought it was a real neat concept that you didn't have to "guide" it with the mouse 100 percent of the time. but that wasn't the case when i reached the 4th level. i didn't even get a chance to start it.

Not so hot...

This game was not so great. Many other frustrating maze games are similar, but in the levels I played it seemed very easy to complete the goal within par because if the click-to-move style. I also was annoyed that sometimes I was told I hit a wall when I was sure I did not. I liked the style and music and think that a similar game might be interesting.


but the Blue mouse thing should be able to touch black things. it makes it a pain to play it otherwise.

Good but

its a good premise but for some reason if i click somewhere, the red dot seems to curve into the walls just enough to raise my piss off levels

i used a ruler too!