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Reviews for "Mardek Rpg: Chapter 2"

just great

the story, the way u can learn skills, variety of monsters everything great
then the end makes me so sad....
and like someone else have already said about the bug with SMITE that bothers me to
Final Score: 89370 :-)

Mad Skillz

Almost perfect, amazinly constructed with lots of hidden chests. Fantastic gameplay which is faultless. Incredable game, when you keep makin sequels the game will go 2 an even higher height

Great game

This game is great. I actually registered here only to write a review for it like some people before me. The music, the graphics, the difficulty level are all fine. And it's very funny and has a good storyline.

There just one small thing about it that annoys me, lol. I hate the colour of Vehrn's hair... Call me eccentric but I think that colour doesn't go well with the colour of white human skin and I suppose the yellow alien (who compares volunteers to cherries) would agree with me. He would probably either get into berserk mode and kill Vehrn at once or get stunned for the whole battle. Please change it. I think black or brown would be ok.
Also I wish you included people of other origin in the game not just French and German. I want Japanese, Chinese, Russians (like me), Indians and Arabs (may be also Jewish).
And here's a bug or something whatever you call it. Why can I use aqualang magic on pier to get into lake Qur but can't do it to get into the lake in the mines with a similar pier (in the room to the right of the one where you fight the bandit boss)?


This game isn't very difficult and here are all the things you need to know to beat it (unless you are a "retarded toddler"):

1) Visit all the places where you beat bosses afterwards and search them carefully;
2) Use your map to search for chests and other stuff - they never lie;
3) To get the second trilobite key kill zombies in Canonia;
4) Be merciful;
5) Read instructions carefully.

More hints:
1) To get money kill rats in sewers - they give more;
2) Learn all abilities before switching to new items (be it weapons or amulets);
3) Social Fox's tomb is good for increasing experience - killing beasts there gives more level points;
4) Distribute your potions so that Mardek has most of all but others have some too.
5) Talk to all people, visit all places, read all books.

very nice game

long time I'll see a col game like this
some day i think i dream about this game
very cool!!

First class

RPG is my favourite genre and this i by far the best free RPG I have ever seen. Just the right length and brilliantly done. great graphics lease make the next chapter soon.