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Reviews for "Mardek Rpg: Chapter 2"


rly good game, everything works so far


you are the best flash game programmer every. this is top notch rpg action at its best. i would love to see you make money off of this


dunno what's so addicting about this game, but i love it!
only problem is my team keeps getting slaughtered by the other 'hero' team -.-

other than that, this is pretty much a flawless game!

Best RPG on newgrounds

Best RPG on newgrounds.

Washing hair eh?

OMG awsome! I have never played played a game like this ever before...

By the time I finished writing this, it was about two days after I finished the Mardek Chapter 1. At first, Ater finisheing the first one, it was about 10 'o' clock at night. The first Mardek only took me about 45mins the complete, so I thought
"Hey! I must still have time to do the second chapter!"
So I went on to the second page, and stopped in my tracks at the sight of
'10 hours of gameplay!'

Actually it took me 9 hours 48mins, STRAIGHT! But yeah, close enough. It took me a day. Anyway, on with the review.

At first, I though it would be like the first game, with only Mardek and Deugan, but then at the first boss, the theif guy, it actually kinda amazed me at the sight of a party of 4. I mean, WOW! I get four guys and he's only got 1! HA HA! But then he shot me with his handgun :(

Also, further on in the game, in the lake, it was kinda weird with the hag. She real ugly maaan.

Furthermore, in the catacombs, the maze was really kinda difficult. I mean HARD!
Nah not really! The map seriously helped me out. Especially with the hidden chests. And the hidden paths. LOL.

And, in the battleship, the sercurity orbs were really anoyying. There were just Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooo many sercurity orbs. Wayy too many maan. Also, I was super duper uber mega annoyed with the entry into the second floor. At first, I couldn't find my way in, execpt for the path north of the landing room with the door thing. I thought, I had to shut down the power crystals or something to get through, but it didn't work. So I tried killing ever single little servitor (little bastards). UNTIL I discovered there was a path to the south of the escape hatch. RARGHHHHGHHGBYVFTbuhsdcgfnseuioxdnhfm x,osdkfjxseuifnmhxodjfo!!!!!!!!!!1111 !!!!1!!11!11!1!1111!! I was really pissed off.

Anyway, I really didn't see it coming when Moric went into Social Fox's body. Ergh.

Very good. Keep up the good work when your making the third one. Don't rush it! Also, I never hired the mercenary, what's he like? Also, what did the girl (sorry I've forgot her name) do that doomed Belfain (but Mardek saved) anyway? Will it be revealed later on? And what about the temple in Lake Qur? And also NOOOOOOOOOOO DEUGAN! Nah I never liked him anyway. I bet he comes back though. it didn't show what happened to him facing off with the thing. And he was in the introduction from the first game, so yeah.

Also, do the guys have hair, I mean they wear hoods all the time so we never see.

Thus my review comes to an end. Keep up the good work, don't rush the third game as I said, yeah keep up the good work.

Mardek: Lvl 11
Deugan: Lvl 12
The girl: Lvl 12
Wothisfacepaladin guy: Lvl 12

I got 60% chests woohoo.

55000 points.