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Reviews for "Mardek Rpg: Chapter 2"

Amazing game! i love the story the gameplay and almost everything about! i would give you 5 stars but there is way to much text

To...............much............text .......

When will Chapter 3 be out!?!?! I played this when it 1st came out and LOVED IT and the update makes so even Better!! Awesome Work on this. 5 Stars. Keep it up.

Oh God no! I started playing this last week, racked up a 5 hour save file and decided to check out chpater 1. I saved my game in the first slot for both as i didn't know it woud carry over. No i have a 20 minute save, so all my hard work is down the drain :( But the game itself is excellent, funny dialogue and the reactions system spices up combat. 4.5 stars because i'm too upset to give you 5.

This game is super fun theres so many places you can explore but it keeps on getting harder the more you play, ill rate it a 5.