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Reviews for "Mardek Rpg: Chapter 2"

I fucking miss this game so fucking much and it pains to see it not having 4rd chapter.

Hi fellow fans!
I come from a group(authorized by Pseudo) that wants to continue the Mardek franchise, all grassroots.
We are kinda undermanned, though, so any help (code, music, art, dialogue, mechaics, writing, etc) is appreciated.
Find us here:

For those of you who want to play Part 4
Know that Pseudolonewolf may work on it in the future.
He being through serious difficulty from his life not only had Brain Cancer surgery recently and been suffering from it. It will take him over year to recover.
To know more here is his blog.
He created the best flash game I have played in my life. Nothing compares to the huge quality of this game.

I absoultely love this series, even if I've never finished this or the last game. I made the mistake (multiple times) of not using multiple saves and getting soft-locked by my low level in an area near the end (being vague so as not to spoil anything). Coming back to finish it a few years later, I'm really enjoying the process. Definitely takes a generous person to put this much work into a free series.

Only issue I've had with this game since I played it on release is with saves not working, but only just now. I double-checked my flash version as suggested (it's current for Windows when using Firefox), but that's three hours out the window. Doesn't change my feelings about the game though; probably related to something on my end since Flash has been lagging for other games and crashed on me when I came back here after the troubleshooting.

I feel empty now that it's over. I wish it was longer. I beat the game in just one day which proves of how addicting the game really is. Of all the party members, Vhern was the farthest behind(still level 5 while the rest are level 9) but at the end of the chapter, he had the most experience of them all. He deals hella damage that I make sure he doesn't die. I don't mind the boss turning Emela into a zombie. She deals 0 damage when she turns into one to any of us and it's a free Phoenix down for me, lol.

Overall, it was a really amazing game. Fun game and very interesting. I look forward to the next chapter!