Reviews for "PeanutButterJelly"


very old, and very annoying fad

I didn't give this a low score because I don't like the PBJ time fad though, it was because, when your basing somthing on a fad this common, you have to do somthing new or creative with it. This is just the same thing we have all seen a million times before.

Cyberdevil responds:

Have you ever seen the green llama before? I havn't, not here at NG. Thanks for your comments though!

games who cares?

who cares if it wasent a game, i love the song as it winds people up...
Msg me as i am bored

Cyberdevil responds:

Hey, thanks for the review! :P

you have got to be kidding

you should be way more creative than this for NewGrounds.

Cyberdevil responds:

no joke, dead serious

yes oh god yes!!!

best way to annoy my family and entertain my mates.well done

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks. :P


Who could forget this awesome great song !

Cyberdevil responds:

Noone, I hope, and people who havn't heard it wont forget it after this, hehe . . .