Reviews for "Jim and Pals Shorts: Ep 4"

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^^Good Points^^
Hehe, very good. I see this is taking form like your Tetris Unleased series, where you take a video game and make it an epic real-life battle. I thought the graphical effects really made this game what it is. You have an excellent sense of three dimensional animation in this, which really made it look good. Definitely some humor mixed in too at the end. Had to love that ending.

^^Needs Improving^^
Well nothing specific to this episode, but I would like to see a "Tetris Unleashed" style series with pong instead. I think it would be quite successful seeing what you did here.

Jimtopia responds:

Could be interesting, but honestly how many things can you make fun of in pong?


Well to start that actually just looked like it was going to be another flash about pong, which it was in a way but took a diffrent approce to what I have seen before which is good. Although the outline of the players in this could be a little better and some shading on them would have helped, that didn't effect the actual flash for me.

Although it was short, it was still quite entertaining, so that's really good, the ending was somewhat unexpected and pretty funny, though the funniest part was the score change, no idea why, lol. So pretty good with this, could improve on graphics in some ways, but otherwise, nice.



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Jimtopia responds:

I'm glad you thought it was funny; and thanks for reviewing!


That was a great ending!

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks, I thought it was pretty genius myself! ^_^

Dragonball Pong

Man, I've had to watch this twice and to be frank, I can't stop laughing. Changing the score only made me laugh more.

What I'd suggest is that you pan the camera further up after the score changes and show us three Jim heads and three Gary heads. One Gary dissapears and Gary gets up to play again. Slightly more humour potential :P

I'd love to see action poses for Jim and Gary, as they battle it out - you could make the pong game last a little longer, as that was some pretty funky animation there. Maybe some MK / Tekken glowing special move effects as halos for them would be called for?

Good work, certainly still underrated for score, but at least you're getting recognition with the way things are progressing.

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Jimtopia responds:

Thanks for the suggestions, but I really think this cartoon is as near-perfect as it's going to get, adding frilly things like special combo's or lives, would I think hinder the joke slightly, but you had some good ideas. : )
Anyway, I do hope I get some more recognition some day, and hopefully that day is soon. Who knows maybe my next cartoon will hit it big?

Pretty good!

I thought this was pretty funny. The ending was humorous and I liked it. The graphics were basic but good. This flash matched the music well.

I thought it looked wierd when Jim and the... anti-jim(?) just had they're hands and paddle moving. They could have at least been in an action pose.

A prerry good movie with a funny ending

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Jimtopia responds:

Glad you liked it. BTW, it wasn't "Anti-Jim" it was Jim's best friend, Gary the Goth.