Reviews for "Jim and Pals Shorts: Ep 4"

omg completely unexpected

that was great not only was it an extremely funny ending, but the quality and speed is much better then your previous jim shorts

Jimtopia responds:

Yeah, this one had to be speedy.


Dont stop making these awesome flashes and also please add some pants

Jimtopia responds:

Sorry, I'm keeping the characters how they are.

lol thad be kewl if u could do that

i would play pong all the time if u could do that

Jimtopia responds:

That would rock!


u make the best jim and pals shorts, how do u do it!!!!! its awesome!!!!!!!

Jimtopia responds:

Time and effort.

(lol, j/k! I just come up with random stuff on the spot)


Wow that made me laugh so hard xD I was like wow this is boring then...BAM!...

Jimtopia responds:

Yeah, that's how I getcha.