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Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Pigpen Vs Nimbus"


Holy shit, that was awesome. PiGPEN was too silly, but unrelentingly accurate with the content. Nimbus, however, was on point with the content and the flow. It was if PiGPEN was throwing disses with light slaps and Nimbus had closed fists. If PiGPEN was more rigid with landing the rhymes on time, this would be a close call, but Nimbus is much more of a contender.


This was a great battle.
PiGPEN seemed a little more sarcastic about everything, and it was funny, a lot of his stuff was hilarious. Nimbus came at it hard. He brought stronger vocabulary and stronger insults. Even going at it hard, he still was funny at parts like the "Wee wee wee" and the Charlie Brown joke was funny too.
This was very entertaining, I wish they had more verses to continue it, but Nimbus took it all away with his last verse. He wins the battle, in my opinion.


Im sorry Nim got this all the way Pig pen just didnt have it

great battle!

This is a really really close one in my opinion. PigPen came out strong, Nimbus came in creative and strong, then PigPen came back to retaliate, but Nimbus put the nail in the coffin.

Nimbus to barely advance..... The creative and relevant punches won it for him.


Shit he's sickk