Reviews for "Indestruc2Tank"

I have no idea why this is so much fun, but it is!

Such a simple game- bounce on enemies' heads- but so fun! Only thing that bugs me is that level 3 of the story mode is obscenely hard, and relies almost as much on luck as skill.


the weirdist thing happend i left the game and came back with a 99 combo it waz weird

friggin awesome!!

its really original than you must crash the enemies instead of avoiding and/or shoting them, but medals would do nicely

Friggin' Sweet

Does anyone know how awesome it is playing this game while listening to "Bang the Drum All Day"?

One small suggestion

This game was extremely fun and never got boring. However, I think that you should make it so you have less fuel, but you don't lose fuel in the air. I didn't know that you lost fuel in the air, and I ran out and exploded right on top of what would have been #17 in a combo!