Reviews for "Indestruc2Tank"

GREAT play-on words

This game was great, mostly because it's improved in all those little ways it should have been improved in, wihout making it totally different from the first version.
Love the graphics
Love the gameplay
Love the game
Good job, 10 out of 10

Level 3

im giving you a 9 because of level 3 most of the time your in a sijuwation (Bad Spelling¬.¬ ) where your wating for a plane to drop a missle on you and you get one and it's missles misses so you die #2 no planes come #and seeker comes you die
because you not high egnouh (Bad Spelling¬.¬ ) and try to make the bosses a little harder :3. Any way it was one of the best games on newgrounds.

Great Game

I don't think this game could be any better. It has everything that it possibly could.

Nice homage to Castlevania too.

Yes yes yes yes

This is even better than the original with not only three modes of play but also three difficulty's and unlockabawls. loved the first and this just take those combo and make them feel oh so much better

Good times

I loved the first Indestructank, and the enhanced mode of this game is just the icing on that sweet tasting cake. Adventure mode is quite unique in the style of its levels and utilized the games uniqueness against bosses. The thing that keeps this from my perfect scoring, unfortunately, I really don't think these graphics top that of that last one. I still play this every single day between my classes, its that addictive, and the medal feature is a welcme addition for addicts, good job man.