Reviews for "Motocross FMX"


I liked the graphics in this game. The only thing that I didn't like is that its silent whenever I'm playing its just the motor. Add the crowd sounds or something. Also, the crowd would get annoying sometimes cause they screamed the same thing over and over again. Still great game.

Just read a couple of...

.....lame reviews that were left for this amazin game. Bro,...this game is sweet and easy to pick up,....but difficult to master. Some of the best graphics iv'e seen here for a bike game too. Been a great day for flash today,....even the non haloween flashes are off the hook.


very boring...nohing too new at all...it didnt even let the bike fall down when you fall down.this is the millionth (or so) generic dirt-biking game. how about going from the right to the left!?!? it might be a groundbreaking discovery

eh.. it alright

it got kinda boring cuz of the crowd saying ahh oooo lol but not bad

It's ok

My reason for the score is that when you play and make the flips and everything is fun, but when you fall and you can't get up until you almost completely stop pisses me off because when you roll it takes like 20 seconds to get up so you should fix that with a button to re spawn where you have fallen or like back where you left that ramp or crashed.