Reviews for "Madness Overkill 1"

When he goes mad...

When he goes all freaky eg. flying with red eyes, you shoud give it some different music, also the music doesent ever stop at the end.

All in all a very good Madness, better than most, keep up the good work!


i liked your character design but i noticed that in the first death the guys eyes turned into crosses but this didnt happen for any others, why is this?

sheer lasyness? only joking.

it had great animation, good sounds, classic music, not as much violence as i'd like but it will do, and i cant wait for part 2!

ErgoEngan responds:

ehmm yeah the eye thing. LOL i forgot to do cross eyes on the next death and it ruined everything but yeah it was lasy to never fix it O_o

Great Movie

Way better than some, most actually, Madness things here on Newgrounds. But... whenever you replay the movie, the music from the first time you played it, it doesn't stop. So if you replay the movie like 3 times the music is really annoying.

ErgoEngan responds:

ops forgot to put in stop sounds in action script :S sorry

Pretty good

This movie is better than most of the madness submissions on newgrounds. The eyes are pretty good too. There is one other submission of madness on here where they have eyes. I think its called madness elite. Check it out, its good, but not as smooth as yours. Your movie is def better than most ive seen. Your right up there with krinkels, give a few more kills, and a little faster in the second movie, and it should be a hit. Good luck.

Nice recreation

I liked this one, it's diferent from the others Madness tributes. The graphics were pretty good, just like the ones from the original series, but with a little twist. The music you used from the 2nd episode from the series is great, but I still don't know the name of it.
But you should have made this one longer. I know there's going to be more, but make the second one bigger.
But what was that guy behind the wall doing? Will he appear on the next episodes?
Nice one, just make it longer and keep up the series.

ErgoEngan responds:

the guy behind the wall will be back in the second one :D but who his is and what he does is a secret