Reviews for "Madness Overkill 1"


The music, he is in event state, you must put the music in start state to do not repeat in the replay time

good animation, you have future in my new collab

asa bra ju! :P

it was awesome! i think this is one of u best madness movies! :P ja, jag skriver på engelska så dom andra ska förstå..

Definitely had....

.....a style all its own. Gun effects were awesome. Music was vry fitting. Liked it a lot.

I like it

it was very short and seem to follow too close to the madness movies except for the end. i thought him getting red eyes was too extreme for your hank close.

also more death and take out the error screen things at the end, it make little sense.


I'm recomending this to the collection!nice smooth animation.

ErgoEngan responds:

thx :D