Reviews for "Madness Overkill 1"

Hey, nice Flash!

This was a very smooth animation. The footwork was very good and I liked how you put a little emotion in the madness people's eyes when they get shot. The jokes about the matrix movement and the bullet making an arch was an amusing touch. The action in the animation was slightly slower than it should be (people didn't die as quick, there weren't as many bullets flying around at once) and maybe a storyline could be nice. The music just doesn't fit the type of theme you have here, though. I feel as though that tune from Madness Redeemer doesn't match with what you have here.

Once again, I think that what you have here is something special. I hope that after you're done working on whatever your Futurama thing is you will return to making Madness flash animations. Thnx

ErgoEngan responds:

well im back to madness :3,,,(and sticks) since im gonna do the futurama thing when i get a tablet.

this was flawless!

its perfect. the motion was smooth as hell! this is sweet. it has a very high frame rate! very very nice animation.


Very coooooooooooooool


you are good at madness stuff, I liked this movie, it´s decent and cool, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!(still I like better madness combat hitman)


that was smooth man