Reviews for "Madness Overkill 1"


lol the error part where he got revived was epic and when he ripped of that dudes head lol :P 10/10 5/5


funny and awesome.the x x face?GENIOUS

pretty good if abit short

it was really funny when the old guy got killed and he wasn't even in the fight


but the ground blood ?


Classic madness cartoon, with nearly no original concept at all. Guy enters the building starts shooting every1 on sight. Just classic. However, since you added a new face (I personally like the original face better, because they have no facial expression) i quess it has bit originality. The originality is worth 0 stars.

The graphics were classic madness black 'n white. Weapons were nice drawed, but i didnt like the baggrounds. Maybe add some fun props in the bagground would help. The graphics is worth 1 star.

The animation were smooth, nice and there were enough of it.
Nuff said. The animation is worth 2 stars.

The humor were alright for a madness flash, nice joke with the old dude. Again, some fun stuff like posters in the bagground would help. The humor is worth 1 star.

Voilence were good. It seems that voilence were the most important aspect of the movie. Even tho there were alot of blood, I still expected more. (No blood splatted on the wall as the people were killed? That's unrealstick both for a madness cartoon and for reality.) The voilence is worth 2 stars.

The music was good, even tho there's only 1 song playing. But I love the old madness tune, so music is good. The sound effects could be better. The shooting sounds fits well, the classic madness 'scream' is there, but theres nothing else. I like the madness tune, so that gives 1 star.

Overall it's a smooth flash that classic madness fans should enjoy.
I give you 7 stars, hope ya like it.