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Reviews for "Trick-or-Treat Adventure!"


i thought this game was terrible. seriously, what's the use of putting all the pointless content in the game that you don't use? it was EXTREMELY annoying but i endured it because of the good reviews i saw on the page. another area of the game was the monotany of the responses when you clicked on an item you didn't need. it was as if one person spent about 5 hours straight thinking up responses at the last minute and he was burned out on the chore. the game got extremely boring very fast and i quit after about half hour. i feel you guys could do a lot better.

Im never playing this again.

The letters come up too s...l...o...w


this game sucked. I couldnt find anything AND it took me like 5 min. to find the friggen insperation to his costume.



yeah im stuck

Im stuck in the living room...how do i get the door on the floor opened. and what the hell am i doing?