Reviews for "Trick-or-Treat Adventure!"


This game is not a year old yet and the graphics and controls are way to outdated. I understand that you were going for a Monkey Island style of game and this is no where close. I mean a game like monkey island from 10 or so years ago has a much better graphics and better controls than this does. You could of easily made it look alot better and more crisp what is available now for no extra cost. I hope your so called next big thing is not a downer like this one. You will have to make the next one atleast 5 times better than this.

just plain bad

first of all, the music sucks dude. you have to make it more interesting. i stopped in the middle of the fricken game because it wouldnt let me do anything! this game is boring as heck!!! Next time that there is a second let me know.

Could Have Been Better

Sorry but personally this game was stupid.... I kept getting stuck also. Which getting stuck all of the time got annoying so i said "whatever" and exited out of the game and decided to leave a comment on how bad it was. Ugh, why couldn't it been better??? Anyway, It is really boring. Not fun at all. Iw as expecting it to be more fun also it took forever to find the costume!! I didn't even decide to go trick or treating.... I thought it would take longer. i was getting bored and decided to listen to music to make it so it wasn't SO boring. Uh, I hated how it was a CLICK game, why couldn't they just use WSAD or arrow keys??? Oh and uh.............. Sorry i got bored, XP. Anyways back to the game.... BORING AND PLAIN STUPID is what i'm saying. To bad of graphics also.. I guess i'm use to dx10 graphics and not some classical click game.

too hard

:O too hard!!!

It just keeps reseting.

It wont let me play every 15-30 seconds it just resets me to the start.