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Reviews for "Trick-or-Treat Adventure!"


This was simply the best, great story, great graphics, simply awesome!

One of the most...

...proffesional and polished games I ever played on NG. The humor in the script is absolutely hilarious. Reminds me a little of Maniac Mansion(Gees im old). Fantastic in every way,..and it takes all the other "retro games" and flushes them down the toilet.

F'ing awesome

Best point and click game I've played in a long ass time. Certainly brings me back to the Monkey Island, Leisure suit larry etc... days. Graphics were great, the 80's references were awesome... Nothing about this game sucked.

Very very professional. Also, the ending was hilarious!!


brings back those nights of playing kings quest and leisure suit larry when I was 10.

It took me over an hour, but I finally won. amazing job gents.


I loved the game, the scenes, everything! what about a christmas or easter version? running around loooking for easter eggs lol....