Reviews for "Trick-or-Treat Adventure!"


GREAT i ever liked point 'n click Adventures

so many Jokes i needed an extra hour 'cause i've laughed too much

Its awsome but......

Its by far the best adventure game ive played here on NG. However im totally stuck at the CHUD (all i know is i need candycorn) and have been for the last 4 hours. Im afraid i wont be able to get past it until someone tells me how :(.


Pixel art+ Nice music+ Hilarious writing+ Great gameplay+ Autosave=

10/10. Better than trick-or-treating!


I love this game and I love YOU, Roger.

What a adventure game!

I took quite a time with this game, was really fun and confusing at times, I liked the medals too, made me keep going. Cheers!