Reviews for "Trick-or-Treat Adventure!"

Great game with plenty of references to retro games and pop culture !!!
I unlocked all the medals but there's a minor bug : the icon for the "Incest is best" medal is black, the little drawing doesn't appear...
Anyway, I love this game !

Bahah! That ending though! xD

Epic game and hilarious ending XD

5 STARS! I hope some sequel please!!

whats next trick-or-treat adventure 2 sequel game

This is a very fun Halloween- type point and click type game.
Though I wish I have watch a lot of movies so I can answer that Satan trivia games easily. (I did answer them correctly though I am glad they're multiple choices instead of free responses).
Satan is very nice to just teleport you back home so you can re-enter his sanctuary to try the game again, apparently he's a sore loser to just try to kill you like that apparently.
I wonder though, is that the kid's father that was in the basement that was chopped to pieces? (If not, who is he? What happened to his father?)

Well also, here are the problems I have with this game:
1: As beowolf666 pointed out, it is annoying that you completely stop when you run into something like a table and you have to click on the spot to make him walk around the obstacle. It gets annoying and it does hurt me in a speed run.
2: I think you should also show how much time did I take when I beat the game. So that If I got the medal, I can at least also know how much time I have left to spare or if I didn't get the medal, How much longer than 15 minutes did it take me to beat the game.

I would say that the whole point click problem is the one that costed you a .5 star. Overall though it's still a fun point and click game.