Reviews for "Trick-or-Treat Adventure!"

I need a proper walkthrough of this game.
Can anyone tell me what the fuck to do?

Umm...how do u get out of your bed room?

Great game, really captures the feel of someone who wants a great halloween experience, but is short on time, money, and a life, as well as capturing that old clunky lucasarts adventure game feel, which is both good and bad as the whole game is basically a pixel hunt, but the old adventure games were like that too so yeah
on a side note the kid in this game is what I'm like every year minus the guitar hero, D&D, and dysfunctional family

Meh, good concept i dont know what to do next... would be good for hints or something. might look at the walk through seems like i have to.

I was gonna give this 5 stars until i found a bug

when i saved at the pipe guy hosue and saved and loaded there my character can't move down because half of the screen is up and now i have to restart