Reviews for "Trick-or-Treat Adventure!"


argh best game ive seen in a long time. when i saw the kind of pictures and started playing i thought oh no thisll be crap, and it was hard getting used to the controls.

i used the walkthrough for 3 items, when i couldnt defeat the chud dude and i needed candycorn, finding out i had to shake the beer and then to get the handcuffs. this is because i forgot all about them and didnt get them, yet later in the game i used them =S i was confused so i went back to get them

undiscovered diabetes, that believe it or not made the whole thing worthwhile. oh so brilliant. the trivia was hard at the end.

great game, i wish there was sequel that was just as good and long, maybe longer.

im disturbed that i "figured out" (okay i was curious) that you had to put the hamster in the microwave

oh yeah if he was diabetic then surely the previous halloweens wouldve killed him, we know he dressed up lol.

i loved the way i figured out the note =D (i voted 5 overtime for this)

cool game

I've beaten the game but there's one thing I still don't know:what's the letter for?

This game rocks

I can get by the stupid house because I don`t know what to do next.


great game! well done.

where was the dang key?!


Damn it,he had diabetes?..